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Emergency Eye Care


Eye injuries and Red Eyes can occur at any time. Our office is equipped to handle most types of eye emergencies. The primary instrument we use is a biomicroscope, sometimes referred to as a slit lamp. The biomicroscope has a high magnification and is particularly designed to aid us in evaluating the extent of an eye injury. Whether it is an abrasion, foreign particle embedded on the eye, or a red eye, our doctors will carefully examine the injury and administer treatment. Our office staff is well trained to know how to expedite the treatment of these types of eye emergencies. Call us immediately when an injury or red eye occurs. We are here to help.


 Embedded Foreign Bodies
A common injury is an iron metallic foreign body embedded in the cornea. Grinding or drilling iron or other metals will release particles that are hot, and when they hit the eye they embed themselves in the cornea. Due to the salty consistency of our tears, iron will immediately begin to form rust which infiltrates the surrounding cornea. We have experience at removing both foreign bodies and these rust spots. With proper medical treatment these injuries resolve well. However, if the foreign particle was embedded in the central visual axis of the cornea, there may be a scar remaining which could affect the patient's ultimate visual acuity. Safety glasses are always recommended to prevent these types of injuries.


Corneal or Conjunctival Abrasions
Abrasions of the cornea (the clear window on the front of the eye) or the conjunctiva (the clear membrane that covers the white part of the eye) can be incredibly painful. In fact, the cornea has more nerve pain sensors that any other part of the body. Treatment for these types of injuries may include antibiotic drops, lubricating drops, patching the eye, and pain management. Proper treatment allows the abrasion to heal well, and in most cases the patient's vision will return to normal.


red eye


 Red Eyes
The appearance of a red eye can be caused by many things. Some of the most common include infection, inflammation, allergy, and dry eyes. Each of these causes responds to different types of treatments. Evaluation with a biomicroscope is needed to correctly diagnose and treat a red eye. We are experienced at differentiating the cause of a red eye and administering treatment to promote timely healing.


For emergencies call us at:  262-567-3214